What is AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust (AWM&T)?

AWM&T is a state-chartered trust company that provides financial planning, investment management and trust services to the American Armed Forces, whether active duty, retired or honorably discharged veterans.

Why choose AWM&T?

We are wholly owned by AAFMAA and, like our parent, AWM&T is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization.  Our net income above expenses goes back to AAFMAA and ultimately back to the members.  We only serve military clients and promise you that you’ll always have a personal contact with us – never a call center.

I don’t have a trust.  Can AWM&T still manage my investments?

Accounts do not have to be trusts to receive investment management services.  We provide investment management for both taxable and non-taxable (IRA, Roth) investment accounts.

Can I have a financial plan prepared without having an account with AWM&T?

Yes.  Financial planning is offered separately from investment management or trust services.

What are your fees?

AWM&T is a fee only financial planner and investment manager.  We do not charge commissions.  We believe this eliminates the inherent conflict of interest that exists if you use a broker who is compensated by selling commission based products.

Comprehensive financial planning is offered at a flat fee.  Investment management and trust services are charged an annual fee based upon a percentage of assets under management.  Our fee structure is posted at www.aafmaa.com/wealthmanagement.

How is AWM&T different from a stock broker?

We are a state chartered and regulated trust company.  This means that we have a fiduciary obligation to place our clients’ interests first, ahead of our own.  A stock broker does not have to meet this standard.

Are my assets secure?

All client assets are held by an independent custodian.  Your money is never commingled with the assets of AWM&T or AAFMAA.  Our custodian, Northern Trust, currently has custody of over $6.1 trillion in assets.  In addition, AWM&T has full insurance coverage and the backing of AAFMAA.

Can AWM&T prepare estate planning or trust documents for me?

No.  We cannot practice law and cannot draft any documents for you.  We would be pleased to provide recommendations for counsel.

Can I name AWM&T to serve as my trustee in the future?

Yes.  We can be named to start serving as your trustee upon your death or disability.

Can AWM&T serve as trustee in every state?

Our trust charter allows us to serve as trustee in 40 states.  Please call us to discuss your particular situation.

How do I contact you?

Please call us at 910-307-3500 for our Fayetteville NC office, 703-707-8020 for our Reston VA office or 407-636-8112 for our Winter Park FL office or toll free at 800-522-5221.  Our email address is wealthmanagement@aafmaa.com.

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